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Enhancing Performance Is Our Passion

Boxing and Fitness classes are available in small groups or 1 on 1.

Performance Pathways

Training Systems To Success


Psychology of Discipline

Discipline determines the quality of the choices we make. In order to improve your performance in athletics and life, good choices must be automated. Some of the choices include eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, avoiding alcohol, drugs and practicing the best possible physical training program. Self discipline provides an individual with the ability to make the best decisions consistently. That consistency with frequency allows good decisions to become a habit and your new normal.

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Subtle Changes 

Minute Changes Can Create Exceptional Results!

If we can find 10 areas where you can improve by at least 2 percent, that means a 20 percent change in your sport or life. In games of inches like basketball, that can mean the difference between being the worst shooter on your team or the best shooter in your league. In terms of dollars, an NBA guard shooting an effective field goal percentage around 40% is likely to lose his job. While at 50%+ a player like Steph Curry will make around 40 million dollars per year! I think that's worth looking at the details.

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Commit Whole Heartedly

Give Everything, Get Everything!

If you want to love something or even someone more, you'll stop hoping you get more and you'll start giving more now! Energy expended is energy returned. If you want to be passionate, show passion. If you want to be loved, show love. And if you want to be great, give greatness into everything you do. Train with great effort and technique. Eat with great knowledge and discipline. Surround yourself with great people that will lead you to great decisions. All of our energy must go towards what we want and what supports that plan. Anything that is antagonistic to that goal goes bye bye. It's really that simple.

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Surround Yourself With Greatness

Success leaves clues and usually those clues are obvious. Why are they obvious? Because these clues are part of a habit driven system of success. These systems are often so repetitive that they could be considered tedious or even boring. What does "Mamba Mentality" mean? Why do you know? Because Kobe Bryant repeatedly told you what it means; work harder than everyone else. Be the first to practice and the last to leave. He changed his number 8 to 24 because he wanted everyone to know that he was committed to being great 24/7. Absorbing information like a sponge around great people makes your success almost inevitable. 

Great People Have Great Systems


Personal Training

Exceeding Expectations

Lerner Performance personal training will guide you every step of the way to achieving your health and fitness goals. Click below to find out more or contact us for a free trial at (310) 980-8160


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