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Client Testimonials


Coach Adam changed my life. He made me a better athlete, but more importantly, he made me a better human. We started working together about 4 years ago when I was looking for a striking coach to help prepare me for the beginning of my professional MMA career. Through Adam’s knowledge of the game, effective coaching style, and pure dedication to improving my abilities, we got off to a quick 6-0 start climbing the rankings against top competition. I couldn’t be more happy with Adam’s effect on my fighting career, but what I’m most thankful for is his positive influence on me as a person. I signed up to get a new striking coach and what I got instead was another father figure and guide for my life.

Many have the knowledge but few teachers can successfully transfer that knowledge to their students; Adam has both. I’ve seen it time and time again, the fighters who come to him to improve their striking always get better, drastically better. There’s no doubt Adam has the right knowledge but it’s his effective coaching style that brings the best out of us. Every session is a form of deliberate practice where we focus intently on specific skills, push just outside of our comfort zones, and receive immediate and honest feedback. The work is individualized to our specific needs. Adam is dedicated and consistent with his efforts, working around the clock to make sure I’m the most prepared I can be for fight day. Sometimes I feel he puts more focus into the fight than I do (and trust me, I put a helluva lot of focus in). He also covers my strength and conditioning program and has helped me reach levels I never thought were possible for myself. I’m competing against some of the best athletes in the world and I have never been “gassed” or outworked in a fight. It speaks volumes to Adam’s knowledge. What he teaches is tailored to individual improvement, and it works without fail.

Adam understands how to bring the best out of me as a person, not just an athlete, and I believe this is the most important factor in being an elite coach. It takes a strong understanding of human nature to be a good leader. Adam understands the mental game (through psychology and philosophy) and is able to effectively guide me in making better decisions for my career and my life. Sometimes you just need to hear the right words at the right time and Adam somehow always says the right things. Another redeeming quality is he doesn’t beat around the bush and isn’t afraid to tell you how it is. You always know you’ll get the truth from Adam; honesty goes a long way in sustaining a strong relationship. He makes you a better person.

Coach Adam brings the absolute best out of me. He brings the best out of the others around me that I’ve seen him coach; it’s a special quality that few possess. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him. Anyone should consider themselves extremely lucky to have a mentor like Adam Lerner.

BOOM! Thank you, Coach! Love you man we're going to the top!


Vince Cachero 


Vince "The Anomaly" Cachero


Adam Lerner has had a profound impact on my life since I met him in 6th grade. At the time I was a kid who feared challenge, lacked work ethic, and often lacked confidence in myself. Adam completely changed that. 

Before I go into the impact Adam had on me, I’d like to mention some of what I have accomplished. I started a volunteer tutoring organization in high school that I then ran for two years. That organization still stands today and allows students of all ages in my community to get access to free tutoring services. These services are provided by high school students and hosted by a local small business. I was also a member of PALS, which is a peer mentorship organization in which members visit nearby elementary and middle schools and mentor at-risk kids. I was then admitted to UT Austin, where I quickly joined a fraternity. I was Pledge Class President, Recruitment Chair, Vice President, and President of the chapter all within 2.5 years. I graduated from UT Austin with a 3.8 GPA and a double major in Advertising and Economics. All of this would be impossible to accomplish without an excellent work ethic: Adam instilled this quality in me.

Adam challenged me from the beginning. The very first time I went to a training session with him, I recall telling him I couldn’t do some exercise but he wouldn’t let me quit. That was the first time I persevered and learned I could do more than I expected from myself. Of course, this one time didn’t change me immediately. Adam pushed me year after year, consistently challenging me to be great. He trained me in part to get better at basketball, as my goal was to make my school team. So every time we went to the park to practice, he would challenge whoever was there to a game. It could’ve been high school kids, or even middle-aged adults. He refused to let me back down, and eventually I learned the point that the best way to improve is to consistently challenge yourself. 

My work ethic was a problem at first. I simply expected to see results because I trained with him a couple times per week. I eventually learned this wasn’t the case. He helped me become disciplined, which at first just manifested in me training on days he and I didn’t meet. This training of course led to the results I was hoping to see, and as a direct result I applied this same work ethic to the rest of my life. Through his training I learned being great is a process and a choice one makes every day. 

Adam believed in me before I knew how to believe in myself. Even better, he taught me how to believe in myself by consistently challenging me and then showing me I am far more capable than I realized. I owe Adam so much for many of my current accomplishments. If you’re thinking about working with -- or learning from -- Adam, I can’t recommend it enough. 

Addison Stahl

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