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Credentials and Bio

    I'm a teacher and a coach. Since I was a little kid, that's what people told me I was built for, and I knew they were right. I have a knack for believing in human potential, and helping people reach that potential.    Through my phases of focus over the last 22 years I've been privileged to take part in a plethora of amazing people's successful journeys. My weight loss clients, lost weight. My student athletes improved grades, athletic performance and went on to great colleges and careers. My professional athletes reached uncharted performance levels in their sports; including Football (NFL), MMA (UFC), CrossFit, Olympic Swimming and Volleyball. In 2012, with the support of my amazing wife, I founded A4 Fitness in West Los Angeles. A4 quickly became one of the premier fitness and martial arts gyms in Los Angeles, growing from 50 to 285 members in 2 years. Over the last 7 years as president of A4 Fitness, I've played many roles to ensure the growth of our business. I wrote the daily CrossFit programming, coached classes, trained private clients, managed the staff, built a website and coached a professional fight team. Eventually I learned to delegate too. In 2019 my family and I decided to move to California's central coast. That decision meant that we knew it was time to sell one of my life dreams, check it off, and go back to the bucket list to see what's next. The fact is, I no longer feel fulfilled by coaching just anyone. I only want to spend my time and energy away from my family guiding committed individuals, and elite athletes to absolute optimization; enhancing greatness!    


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